Moldova adopted feed-in tariffs for renewable energy projects

The law about the renewable energy development in the Republic of Moldova was  approved by Parliament of this country on March 2, IBCentre reported referring on information of the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Moldova.

According to the new law, the system of the feed-in tariffs will be implemented for all types of renewable energy plants in Moldova in 2016, said Mikhail Stratan, the chairman of this authority.

As expected, in particular, the feed-in tariff for solar energy will be about €0.21/KWh. Today, size of the tariffs  is been discussing in the Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova.

As a feedback on the law implementation, new projects in renewable energy are been announcing, so it can be stated that the new solar energy market in Moldova is starting its development this year.

«Moldova has a high level of insolation and good condition for investments. This is not a huge market, but it is very interesting for PV project developers. We know that the Government of Moldova is going to build more than 400 MWt of solar energy plants», — says Vitaliy Daviy, CEO of IBCentre.

According to the law about the renewable energy law in Moldova, the total electricity production by renewable energy has to achieve 10% until 2020.

Mikhail Stratan, chairman of the Energy Efficiency Agency of Moldova, will make the presentation about investment opportunities in the renewable energy sphere in Moldova on CISOLAR-2016, the 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Solar Energy Industry of Eastern Europe (, which will be held on 14-15 April 2016 in Odessa (Grand Marine Hotel).


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